Chocolate peanut butter spread

PC spread

This evening I felt like something chocolatey in particular and more precisely, Nutella….. drool…   I created a palm oil free version last year (palm oil plantations are destroying most of the worlds pristine jungles and the animals in them, like tigers and orangutans – just so that we can buy cheaper products as this is a cheap oil).  And this recipe is glorious! Nobody I have served it too can tell the difference between that and Nutella (please ask me if you would like the recipe).

However, that recipe does have dairy and sugar in it, so, whilst I wait for my latest shipment (including cacao butter – I need this to make a good version) to arrive in the post I came up with this quick solution to pour over some muffins I made yesterday (muffin version of my pear and blueberry loaf). It doesn’t taste like Nutella but rather like peanut butter meets chocolate bar and gets a kiss 😉



3 tbsp cacao powder

3 tbsp peanut butter (use 100% pure peanut butter – I found that most cheaper brands have a disgusting amount of sugar, added oil and additives in it – you can even make your own. Pop peanuts in a blender, combine and done!)

1-2 tbsp Dextrose (glucose) powder

1 tbsp oil (I used canola)

Combine all ingredients with a fork. Change any ingredient to your liking to make it sweeter, more cocoay (is that a word?) or less runny. Voila!


  1. Sounds good. 🙂 How do you make your own peanut butter? Might sound silly, but I’ve never tried it!!


    • Thanks for asking 🙂 It’s super, super easy. All you do is buy some roasted shelled peanuts, chuck them in a blender or food processor and blend as long as you want (the longer the smoother). Add a little salt. You could roast them yourself as well if course. I also like combining peanuts and almonds. So many wonderful combos and all healthy! (Good fats)


  2. Hi Caroline- can
    you please post the recipe for spread that tastes like nutella?



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